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Legal translations – no margin for error

Especially when it comes to translating legal documents, simply having a good knowledge of the language is insufficient. In this field, it is important that translators also have a good grasp of the respective legal system. The reason for this is simple: translation errors may not only render the content unclear but can even lead to lawsuits and claims for damages. It is the translator’s responsibility, therefore, to display a particularly fine sense of discretion. The text must be accurately reproduced and the key point here is to formulate the wording so it reproduces the same legal content as the original. A free approach to selecting terminology must, therefore, be avoided when dealing with specialist legal communications. Whether contract, patent or expert opinion – all legal translations demand the highest degree of precision.

Formulating the text perfectly

The source text must of course be translated accurately, which necessitates language constructions that reproduce the content perfectly. If the source text is drafted in a foreign language and is simultaneously based upon a foreign legal system, alternative phrases need to be found which fulfil the same function in the translation. This is imperative because the terminology used by different legal systems is specific and may under no circumstances be simply adopted literally. DEMAN Translations has the necessary know-how and is your specialist translation agency for legal documents. We also offer certified translations and translations with a certified apostille.

Professional legal translations for your company

DEMAN Translations specialises in the field of law. We will translate specialist documentation for your company particularly quickly, competently and accurately. We are fully focused on delivering the highest quality specialist legal translations produced by professional translators. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will offer you comprehensive advice.

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