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With a team of qualified and highly competent staff, DEMAN Translations ensures that your company’s written material is rapidly and precisely translated with the greatest care. Our agency provides cost-effective services that are delivered to the highest standards. Dealing with us at DEMAN Translations is an entirely transparent process and we always meet the agreed deadlines. We offer the certainty you need: you will receive your specialist translation on time – for certain! Our terms and conditions can be found in our price list. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Price list


German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian
Arabic, Persian, Hebrew
Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese
Price per standard line
One standard line = 50 characters
Minimum rate per language
Minimum rate for Far Eastern languages
Proofreading, editing, adaptation European languages/per hour
Single terms or clauses out of context,
lists, glossaries, spreadsheets/per term
Additional languages and language combinations available upon request.
Standard formats for data processing:
MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF
Other formats available for a slight surcharge.

Consecutive interpreters

English, French, Italian, Spanish € 95.00
Chinese, Japanese € 130.00
Additional languages available upon request.
Hourly rates, plus expenses and travel.

Simultaneous interpreters

English, French, Italian, Spanish € 900.00
Chinese, Japanese € 1,275.00
Additional languages available upon request.
Prices per working day, plus expenses and travel.
Because two simultaneous interpreters always work together in the booth, they can only be hired in pairs. We will always charge for a full day, even if the assignment may be shorter.


Providing interpreter booths, tour systems, conference equipment
Charges depend on size and setup, as well as a number of other variable factors (location, number of people attending, duration, etc.)

We will be happy to tailor for you a special offer based on your individual requirements.

Typesetting, DTP, offset printing in all languages

Typesetting/DTP work foreign language/per hour € 115.00
Charges depend on page layout, text volume, and other variable factors. We will be happy to tailor a special offer for you, based on your individual requirements, including discounts on translation work.

Technical documentation

Editing, illustrating, print media, multimedia in all languages
For example: DVDs, electronic parts catalogues, training material, website creation
We would be pleased to arrange a consultation with you or provide you with a tailor-made special offer based on your individual requirements.

Download price list (German)

Premium translation services for demanding requirements

Text intended for publication – for instance, annual reports, website and advertising copy – needs to meet the most demanding requirements. It is therefore prudent,in such cases, to subject the text to additional editing, with particular emphasis on style and content, over and above the standard proofreading stage. During this final editing stage, changes can, with your approval, be made to the text to give it the – often crucial – finishing touch. Subtleties can make all the difference, especially for company profiles. Here, it is often beneficial to change the wording of the original copy. If, for example, advertising copy is translated word-for-word, it may sound rigid and rather unappealing. If you wish, we can adapt your translation to ensure it is thematically, stylistically and technically consistent – yet still conveys the correct meaning. We would be pleased to advise you on this and identify the best solution for your needs.

Other services

In addition to translations into all common foreign languages, our professional translation agency also offers other services. DEMAN Translations provides both liaison and simultaneous interpreters and also offers a technical documentation service. Furthermore, we provide items such as interpreter’s booths, conference and communication equipment on a rental basis. Our range of services also includes foreign-language typesetting, DTP and high-volume typesetting of catalogues in all languages. Prices are determined on the basis of volume and time. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual quotation.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our price list – we would be pleased to quote you a package price for a combination of services which includes translation. Ask us if you would like further information about our services and prices – there’s no obligation!

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