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Website translation – captivate your target audience with top linguistic quality

Websites are the primary vehicle for corporate and brand presentations in the age of Web 2.0. The internet offers myriad opportunities for rapidly and efficiently embedding text in a website, reaching the target audience and engaging clients and prospects in dialogue. Good website copy stands out – because text is not just text. Copywriters who draft text for the internet must follow certain rules to ensure their words appeal clearly and effectively to the target audience. It is important to use short and succinct sentences that are both dynamic and deliver a clear call-to-action, while good descriptions help the target audience imagine things or situations. The content should be well organised and structured so that both the subject matter and visual appearance are equally engaging. The “less is more” approach is always preferable here. Too much text will overwhelm the reader, so it always makes sense to focus exclusively on key content. DEMAN Translations delivers professional translations for your website.

Website translation – foreign languages deliver international reach

To ensure you reach both your domestic and international target audiences, it is advisable to translate your website into multiple languages. This involves translating your original copy and formulating it in a manner that will engage readers in terms of content and form. Texts are unfortunately often translated verbatim, with disenchanting and uncaptivating results. While the content may correspond exactly to the original, it almost certainly will not deliver the desired effect. DEMAN Translations therefore recommends the premium translation service for website copy. This guarantees not only a comprehensible and carefully prepared translation but also one that focuses first and foremost on style, effect and target audience-oriented wording.

Premium translation for the finishing touch

Especially when it is intended for publication, copy should be rendered in a style appropriate to the various languages. With your approval, DEMAN Translations will deviate from the original wording and ensure that your corporate texts are localised so they appeal to the corresponding audience. The majority of translations – where the focus is placed on comprehensibility, speed and price – do not require such premium translation. However, website copy really should undergo final editing to ensure that is not translated in a literal, word-for-word, fashion. Please contact our translation agency in Düsseldorf if you have any questions. We will provide you with competent and professional advice regarding the translation of your website.

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