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Language as the basis of a brand’s image – translating advertising copy

In the field of sales and marketing, language is the primary component of a brand’s image. Generally speaking, if the copy wording is received positively by the potential target audience, brand perception will be immediately boosted. These days, sales and marketing activities are primarily carried out at an international level. This makes it even more important to formulate the text so that it is generally applicable, yet remains fully comprehensible when translated into the different languages. However, there are certain subtleties and expressions among the various languages which must still be taken into consideration. An expression that sounds great in German may turn out to be far from good if literally translated, word-for-word, into English or French for example.

Speaking your customers’ language – sales and marketing translations

The most important point in the field of sales and marketing translations is, therefore, to draft copy that is both packaged appropriately and contains the right content. Creating a good balance between the use of specialist jargon, addressing the target audience appropriately and acquiring new customers are the key objectives here. If the target audience is young, it makes sense to choose simple, comprehensible language. On the other hand, specialist jargon may be used more judiciously for target audiences specialising in a specific field in order to convey knowledge of the industry. Consequently, the rule here is to tailor the style and wording of the text to match the requirements of the specific target audience.

Premium translations ensure the right wording

While the content of a translation may well be perfectly correct, it could still sound stylistically rather rigid or clipped. You therefore run the risk of addressing your target audience inappropriately. In such cases, you should ensure that the translation properly fulfils its intended purpose – namely that it conveys the content of the existing source text – and also addresses the correct target audience in terms of comprehensibility and style. A technically correct translation is often simply not enough. We therefore recommend our premium translation service for such important documents. DEMAN Translations not only translates your sales and marketing copy but ensures it has the desired impact on your target audience. With your approval, our professional translation agency in Düsseldorf can offer you a translation that deviates from the original wording in order to deliver a translation that is stylistically optimised for the specific field of sales and marketing. Please contact us if you would like further information about our services in the field of sales and marketing translations.

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