High-quality translations into all foreign languages

Common languages translated professionally

DEMAN Translations relies on native speakers of innumerable foreign languages. The range of languages we offer is highly diverse. We will translate your company’s written material into all common languages – particularly rapidly, professionally and to the highest quality.

English texts for your company

It has now become the standard to make website and marketing copy available in English too. English as a language of communication not only appears on the internet; anglicisms are rapidly finding their way into documents and publications as well. It would be unthinkable for this global language to be excluded from use as it has become an essential component of social and commercial communications. DEMAN Translations is your partner when it comes to your English texts. We translate both to and from English and guarantee a professional and rapid translation by our mother-tongue speakers.

Translations into all languages

DEMAN Translations is your corporate service provider for professional text production. Our native speakers translate rapidly and competently into a wide variety of languages. We offer translations for the following languages:

Western European languages
German, English, French, Dutch

Southern European languages
Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Spanish

Eastern European languages
Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

Northern European languages
Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic

Asian languages
Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai

Oriental languages
Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Turkish

Other languages available on request!

Do you have any questions about our foreign language and translation services? DEMAN Translations would be pleased to provide you with advice and information. Contact our translation agency and discover the benefits we offer for yourself – we are your straightforward partner for particularly rapid and high-quality translations.

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