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Do you require high-quality translations? Would you like them delivered in a stress-free, straightforward and unbeatably fast manner? Do you also want your documents handled confidentially? Then you’re not asking too much,  because we can provide you with this exact service! Our highly competent mother-tongue specialist translators are fully reliable and take the utmost care with their work. However, DEMAN Translations not only guarantees high-quality translations that are completed unbeatably quickly but also offers the highest degree of confidentiality: we will always sign a confidentiality agreement with you. Get to know and trust us – you will be impressed with the results.

Many years of experience combined with technical precision

DEMAN Translations can look back on many years of experience and is your professional contact for translations of all types – not only in Germany but throughout Europe. As a corporate service provider, our translation agency has been delivering translations of specialist texts since 1998. We have grown continuously from that moment on and have specialised particularly in the fields of marketing, finance, communications, law and engineering. An increasing number of well-known companies – in the meantime over 1,000 – from a range of different industries have placed their trust in us since then. Translating over 50,000 pages each year, we have optimised our work and organisational processes and continuously adapted to meet the needs of the modern, technology-oriented era through perfect management. Our translation agency harnesses efficient systems and technologies to ensure that you benefit from transparent, rapid and professional working methods. Our highly competent translators and strategic partners around the world take care of this.

Mother-tongue translations following agreement on the deadline

Our qualified, mother-tongue translators are responsible for choosing the right words. We only engage translators who have outstanding language abilities coupled with competent specialist knowledge. Every foreign language has its idiosyncrasies and there are myriad terms and formulations, particularly when it comes to technical jargon. To make sure that your text also meets professional standards in other languages, our translation agency selects translators with outstanding knowledge. Native speakers, for instance, not only possess the necessary specialist knowledge – they are also experts when it comes to choosing the appropriate idiomatic expressions. DEMAN Translations has the necessary specialist knowledge and guarantees absolute compliance with deadlines. Our excellent organisation and trained translators mean that your company’s translations are delivered by the agreed deadline.

We are certified.

Our services are registered to DIN CERTCO standards (registration number 7U384) for high-quality specialist translations which conform to the standard and meet all requirements.

Full service at a fair price

Our translation agency provides you with high-quality translations at a fair price. Our price quotation can be individually modified to meet your specific requirements. Our full range of additional services allows us to assist you in many areas – irrespective of whether you’re looking for an interpreter for a presentation or have specific equipment requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions – we would be pleased to provide you with the information you need.

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