Additional services for perfect texts

To ensure that your translations are delivered to a high standard of quality and by the agreed deadline, DEMAN Translations utilises a workflow management system which guarantees that we maintain a comprehensive overview. The system allows us to make effective use of our professional, mother-tongue translators. Similarly, we can also – if required – use glossaries to ensure accurate, precise and consistent translations. In addition to our translations, we also offer further services to guarantee our clients a true, full-service approach.


DEMAN Translations offers a revision service for your foreign-language or German texts. We will correct errors in spelling and grammar, ensure that the text flows fluently and make sure that everything is formulated in accordance with the latest applicable orthographic rules.


We will also check your text for stylistic mistakes and ensure that the correct terminology is used. Where a company receives multiple translations, the same wording should be used consistently throughout. Here, we recommend the use of a glossary. This official terminology list and definition of the specialist terms – created specifically for you and your translations – guarantees consistent wording and a high-quality translation for each of your texts. To do this, we use centralised translation memories which ensure the consistency of your corporate documentation. This means that each of your translations is precise and contains the same specialist terminology.

Workflow management

As a corporate service provider with many years of experience, we know how to organise our processes in a professional and transparent manner. We use a translation management system to assist here. Translation management means the automation of the translation process. This makes sense because work-intensive and repetitive manual tasks are eliminated – resulting in a significant increase in working efficiency.


Do you need an interpreter for your business meetings, negotiations, presentations or conferences? With us you can book interpreters for every situation and specialist field – DEMAN Translations provides liaison interpreters, sworn court interpreters and simultaneous interpreters.

Text capture and transcription

The spoken word frequently needs to be transcribed. Examples include interviews and video recordings. Transcription involves transferring speech from its audio or audio-visual state into written form. Our professional translators will transcribe your audio tracks quickly and competently. We are fully capable of delivering transcriptions too. If you need to transcribe your original text into a different script (e.g. from cursive script to phonetic symbols), we are your partner with the specialist know-how.

Technical documentation

Irrespective of whether you’re dealing with a description, prototype or design drawing, our technical editors are capable of producing complete manuals to your specifications. These will comply with the current standards and regulations. Upon request, video sequences, animations and database solutions can also be integrated. In agreement with you, we will produce all of the documentation you require – in multimedia and multilingual form.

Do you have any questions about our additional services? Then simply contact our translation agency – we’d be pleased to advise you! Discover the benefits of working with DEMAN Translations for yourself – we are your trustworthy translation partner for particularly fast and competent translations.

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