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Technical translation – imparting specific technical knowledge

A wide range of specialist documentation is used in the technical sector. This includes operating instructions, manuals and safety data sheets which precisely describe specific technical matters. To ensure that it is all comprehensible, the right choice of wording is paramount. For instance, if a text is intended to describe the operation of technical equipment, it must be logically structured, use precise wording and correctly convey the technical content. Technical terminology must be carefully researched to ensure an accurate translation. If individual technical terms are translated incorrectly, the whole document becomes unclear and may convey incorrect information.

Explaining processes in any language

Technical documentation must frequently convey complicated information and also contains instructions which users must follow. This means that particular care must be taken in the field of technical translation because, in addition to giving the wrong information, an incorrect translation can in many cases even lead to a hazardous situation. A technical translator must therefore work to a high degree of accuracy and leave nothing open to false interpretation. The precise and correct choice of words is what matters most here. Processes must be described in the same manner in all languages and alternative terms must still convey the correct meaning. For example, a technical translation into English must correctly convey the content of the German original. In short: the terminology must be accurate.

Professional translation of your specialist technical documentation

DEMAN Translations delivers professional and rapid translations of your specialist technical documentation. We are particularly competent and precise in this field, and place great emphasis on providing high-quality translations. Please contact us if you have any questions about our working methods or range of services. DEMAN Translations is your translation agency in Düsseldorf for all of your corporate technical documentation.

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